Terry Press

*Formal Training*
1969-72  Bachelor of Education University of Alberta
                   Physical Education Major
1973-81  Teacher of Theater Arts for Public School System
        Alberta & British Columbia, Canada.

*Theater Experience Canada*

1978-81  Powerhouse Theater:
        Directed: Babel Rap by  John Lazarus
        Actor: Inspector Belsize in Night Must Fall by Emlyn Williams
        Lighting Design: I Am a Camera by John Van Druten
        Makeup fore: Summer of the Seventeenth Doll by Ray Lawler

*Mime Training*
1981-83   Basic Mime  "The New York Academy of Mime"
                 Stefan Niedzialkowski.
1983-84    Master Class at "The New York Academy of Mime"
Teacher at  "The New York Academy of Mime"
1984-90   Assistant to Stefan Niedzialkowski
                 New York
!990-06    Teaching and exploring in Japan.
                 Mime Laboratory  Tokyo ...more
2006- now    Living in Canada working in it. More to come       

*Mime Performance Experience*
1983-90  Lead Male Actor for Mimedance Theater  &  Theater Milchenia
               directed by Stefan Niedzialkowski.
1992-2008 Performing  and Workshops
                  Mime Festivals in Poland, Korea and Japan
1992-2006 Teaching in Tokyo...  continuous
 Detailed List

*Mime Teaching Experience*
1983-84 Actors and Directors Lab New York
1984-90 New York Academy of Mime
1985-86 S.T.E.P.S. New york
1989-90 Dance Space
1992-06 Teaching in Tokyo
2006-      Moved to Canada