Dreams' Pictures


Dreams' Pictures was originally performed in New York as a company piece with five members; Michele Durning, Donna Sisco,  Robby Dickson,          Chris Yeatman, Andrea Yeatman and myself. Years later Nobu and I had the honor of participating in the opening
 of Stefan Niedzialkowskis' Studio Mimov in Warsaw, Poland and under the direction of Stefan we created Dreams' Pictures as a duet for Nobu and I. 

Dreams' Pictures is like living in a dream where the situation is always changing. The piece can not be followed linearly, there is no story to follow, it is a collage of images taken from Nature, Myth and History. At one time there is the struggle of the dying tree and in the next moment Icarus ascending to the heavens. Moments in the human struggle are depicted through the use of metaphore