Winner of  “Visual  Impact”  Shizuoka World Cup

"The best Balloon Show I have seen”     Michiel Hessling (The Flying Dutchmen)

“I cant’ believe you do what you do only using Balloons”  (Igarashi (Katsuki Pro Agent) 

“If we talk about Canada’s leading balloonist there is no doubt it would be Terry. His elegant and lithe movements take us into a Dream World.”       World Cup in Shizuoka Magazine

 “Terry’s show is finished; well rounded and has its own Originality”                                                                                                      Yosu International Theater Festival

Living in Japan for the last 15 years, Terry has enthralled audiences at Main Stage Events, School Shows, Street Festivals and Theme Parks in all corners of Japan and Korea.  

Terry has appeared National TV programs in Japan and had his own “Balloon Corner” for 1 year on NHK’s Eigo De Asobo (Play with English) a Japanese children’s show 

I am not really a “Balloon Guy”. I use balloons as props along with Mime, Magic and Music to create an experience that is both mysterious and spellbinding.

                 Terry's performance can be enjoyed by people of all ages.